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The Haka ST is replacing the Haka. The Haka ST is probably Witchcraft´s most allround wave board. Faster and looser than the Haka, the Haka ST is the best choice for sailors who both sail on and side shore conditions. The bottom shape of the Haka ST has more V in the nose going into double concave into double concave V in the tail. The tail was cut off some 2 cm, making the straps and fins sit further back on the board, making it faster and looser. Combined with the rounder rails, a faster rocker and slightly narrower outline makes that it can handle chop or bigger waves at least as well.

The HDD construction comes in luminous red, the CBC in luminous green and the SDT in yellow.


Since March 2008, all the boards are being produced WC's new, highly innovativ CAD/CAM production system. This allows WC to step away from the model by year system, since any changes can be put through quickly without any further costs. WC no longer have to wait till the new models are due NOR does WC have to take hasty decisions if we would like to test a little longer……… With the introduction of the CNC system WC has put through various minor changes, a deeper inverted V, adapted fin angles (by 0.1°), a slightly wider nose, straps a little closer together, and all lines and volumes have been recalculated by WC' shaping program. WC has the same system in its R&D centre and custom board factory on Fuerteventura as well as the production board factory in Sofia, Bulgaria, to make sure what WC designs in Fuerte is the same board you can buy in shops.

There are 3 constructions per range available:

  • SDT. Single, Double, Triple sandwich. Single, Double, Triple sandwich.-E-glass (70%), Carbon (15%),Dyneema® (5%)-epoxy-Single-Double-Triple sandwich. 1 year guarantee*. With full high quality dense woven E-glass on top and bottom, overlapping on the rails plus carbon and Dyneema reinforcements. Our most economical construction with a very high strength/weight ratio.
  • CBC: Custom layed up Biaxial Carbon (40%) + Quadaxial-e-glass- Dyneema (8%)- epoxy-Single-Double-Triple sandwich. 1 year guarantee. Made with Aviation grade carbon UD, custom layed up to build a bi and tri-directional carbon with an optimized fibre orientation on deck and bottom, overlapping on the rails. The nose area on deck and bottom are made with quad-axial high grade, tight woven e-glass for better flex and impact properties than with full carbon.
  • HDD. Heavy Duty Dyneema
    -Dyneema® (60%)-Carbon (15%)-glass-epoxy-single-double-triple sandwich. Our famous Heavy Duty Dyneema® construction with 24 months guarantee*. With full Dyneema on top and bottom, overlapping on the rails. Another first from Witchcraft, the specialists in full Dyneema boards since 1995.


Witchcraft boards are designed in the north of Fuerteventura. The advantage of the north shore of Fuerte is that there are over 10 different spots for different wind and swell directions within 10-20 minutes drive. Maybe there is not such a clearly defined wind season as the other Canary Islands but all over the year there is an at least as high average of sailing days if you can also make use of less windy conditions when the quality of the waves is usually better. Fuerte has conditions from 10 to 40 knots, from off- to onshore with waves from 0,5m to +6m. And they sail in all of it.

As a custom board company operating since 1994, WC has always used the most expensive materials and all of its team riders use 1 or max. 2 wave boards, consequently increasing the need for boards with a big range of use even more. Quite different to pros who have a board for practically each condition.

The boards get tested by WC's team and clients all over the world and they get a lot of direct feed back from sailors at all skill levels.

WC spends practically all its time designing, building and testing wave boards, not just in between the free-move-style-ride-race-slalom-formula boards.

WC's (r)evolutionary progressive rail shape gives its boards the advantage in added up sailing performance over any other board. For V3.0 WC has continued to change its progressiv railshape. The added rail lift has moved from the rail apex to the tucked under line, making it more efficient for lesser degrees of footsteering as well and allows more variety between front and back foot pressure. It still adds 2cm of extra rocker on the rail as in the centre rocker. This also means that the rail shape itself looks much more normal. If you put the board flat, its parabolic fast rocker gives a flatter, more efficient planing area. In the rear half of the board the rail becomes becomes very sharp, adding even more to early planing, speed, responsiveness to turning impulses and a rail bite which makes you feel the board accelerates through the turn.

WC has also changed the rockerline with more rocker all over allowing more vertical turns in smaller or steeper waves and a slightly wider shorter outline adding to more maneuvrability at lower speeds and a slightly increased tailwidth to compensate for the added rocker and allowing more versatility between front and back foot pressure.

Witchcraft Tri fin system: With more fin area and less leverage it significantly improves performance, which is especially of advantage in less than ideal conditions such as less wind, on shore, smaller or shorter waves, currents. Earlier planing, much better upwind, more manoeuverable, more drive, more playfullness. Can still be converted to single fin for lean back-blasting or very fast cross-off, down-the-line wave sailing. For anything else our tri fin is the best. You can catch more waves and do more with them. The Tri-Fin requires an upright sailing stance, driving more of the front foot and mast foot, rather than a leaning out slalom style.

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Haka ST

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