The Karma is a 5 BATTEN allround power wave-on shore wave-Bump & Jump sail.

The Karma was designed along with the Slayer to be a more allround sail for a wider range of use. The use of 5 battens is supported by a monofilm, dacron and PVC free construction with extensive use of X-ply with uni directional Kevlar fibers along the stress lines, giving a stable sail to offer the biggest windrange. The medium deep pre-shape in the sails gives both a lot of grunt in lighter winds plus a more stable shape in higher winds. The pre-shape in combination with the higher aspect make the sails very effective so you can rig 0.2 to 0.6 m² smaller.

The Karma works best with our Chakra, Shaman, Haka or Wave V4 boards.

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